About our founder, Phyllie

My passion for pre-loved and vintage wears was embedded in me from a young age by my mother, who would often come home with trawls of treasure from 'Harrods of Petersfield', otherwise known as the charity shop.  As the youngest child of 4, I was always in hand-me-downs, many of which were made by my mum, and this seemed completely normal. 
It wasn't until I started working in the fashion industry that I realised the sheer volume of waste created by fast fashion - it became my mission to live more sustainably and to shop more consciously.

In 2018 my daughter, Ophelia, was born and I was given hoards of clothes and toys and everything in between from generous friends and family.  I realised that half of the clothes were brand new, some even with tags on, and at the rate Ophelia was growing I wouldn't be able to get through even a third of them. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Rafferty is born.  The piles of kids clothes get higher and my husband starts asking questions about what I've got hidden in the loft!  Lockdown kicks in and I decide it’s time that the dream I've always had of owning my own shop, one that encourages sustainability and rotation, is worth making a reality.

So here we are.  I hope you love the shop as much as I do - the thought of circulating my children's items and sending them off to new, loving homes is one that fills me with joy.  I hope you find the same joy in receiving them.

As my mother says:
"Beautiful things should be passed through many hands"